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Peated Mac Na Braiche

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The new-make underpinning this single malt took “World’s Best” at the prestigious 2020 World Whiskies Awards. This is the first single malt outside of Islay to use Canadian barley peat-smoked to 54 ppm at the distillery in a proprietary soaker-smoker. Whiskymaker Dr. Graeme Macaloney studied the traditional peat-smoking process in Islay, recreating it here on Vancouver Island. Matured in Portuguese red wine barriques.


Nose: Medium peat smoke, wood ash, floral notes, fruit, heather, lemongrass, juicy malt, nutmeg & cinnamon


Palate: Creamy, very smooth and pleasantly warming. Big peat with waves of peat smoke, heather brush fire, wood ash, and tropical fruits. Finishes with floral nectar, a dry malt sweetness, coconut milk hint of salt and lingering smoke.


ABV: 46%


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