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Peated Darach Braiche

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The Peated Darach Braiche is the crisper and cleaner brother of our beloved Peated Mac Na Braiche. While the Red Wine STR barrique used for the Peated Mac Na Braiche adds big red wine notes, the Ex-Bourbon cask used for the Peated Darach Braiche delivers classic oak and vanilla notes from the pure N. American Quercus alba oak wood. Its tasting notes include our house-style creamy mouthfeel with tropical fruit, a light peat nose and big peat delivery on the palate. The subtlety of the Peated Darach Braiche allows the connoisseur to enjoy the full smoky elegance of our peated spirit (declared ‘World’s Best New-Make’ in the 2020 World Whiskies Awards) with a classic oak-wood background.


ABV: 46%

700ml bottle

Natural Colour & Non-Chill Filtered

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